1. Social Media in 2017 can be Progressive or Dangerous?

Since few days the new year begins and a lot of question star to be asked and the topic of the evolution of social media is one of the most important. In fact, we live more and more in a world where everything is linked to the social media. Every account on the different website is linked to your Facebook account. It shows that our life is more and more deeply involve in social media and so it can be scary to think what going to be social media. For that post, we are going to see deeply what way seems to take the social media. If it’s in a dangerous way or in contradiction, it’s in a progressive way.

In the first hand, we can ask ourselves what can be implemented for make social media dangerous. First, there is more and more terrorist activist which research people to involve in their belief. It’s a dangerous thing because the social media permit to be easily in contact with people who look like apt to be involved in. in a second idea, it’s the more and more proliferation of advertisement. We are in a world where advertisements are more and more present in our society and social media it’s the perfect thing for spread it. Moreover, advertisements are usually dangerous for people especially those who want to see you change your body and these with the sexualisation of the body like an object especially for women but more and more for men too. In Instagram, there is a lot of product placement dangerous for us and made especially for make buy people. There is another idea to list however you have the proliferation of social media of the politics. However, this is not allowed to be more clear on the promise action but more for the culture of the clash like in tweeter. That blur more and more the political action and politics begin to be a show.

In another hand, social media can be progressive. In fact, social media can bring people together, create a community of fan, fight something like the harassment, the violence on animals, show the anger of people with the hashtivism like the French hashtag #JeSuisCharlie or #OnVautMieuQueça. It permits to support project made by new creators in art but in technologies too. For instance, there is the launch of the crowd-founding of Turbo Killer pt II. It permits to shrink the distance between creator and buyers/spectators and involve them like collaborator and producer of the final product. The social media permit to people to do things that were impossible to do before. It permits to rise the independent creator and shape a better world.

To sum up we have seen that social media have a dangerous and progressive side. However, the social media isn’t dangerous neither progressive, it is mainly users that can make this place dangerous or progressive and web developer. So, this is impossible to predict the future. However, we are the user of the social media and it’s our responsibility to make of this new place a progressive place which evolves in a good and peaceful way.


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