2. The Force of Citizen Journalism

‘At any point, anyone can become the most important journalism in the world’ (From the video How The 21st Century Changed Journalism), said Tim Pool, a citizen journalism for an interview gave by the youtube channel Seeker DailyThe citizen journalism is usually associated and really born with the proliferation of the new media and digital media. The fast information gives by a citizen and not by a professional journalist. Today everyone can be a journalist, we just need to be in the right place at the right time. It’s why we are going to see if the citizen journalism can be effective by citizens. For that, we are going to use the example of the Tianjin chemical warehouse explosion.

Due to the new technology nearly everyone has a phone in his pocket. It becomes a device of everyday’s life. Moreover, nearly all phones can take pictures and even film and directly send it on the internet, on social media. Also, we can directly tweet after an announcement or for react. Since then, we can be more reactive than journalist and it what happened for the Tianjin chemical warehouse explosion. In fact, we can first notice that no one channel has taken a picture of the event. For instance, never CNN or BBC use images took by a reporter on that incident. It’s mean that they need to use footage from citizen journalist for show the event. It’s mean several things. Firstly, it means that journalist cannot be everywhere especially in that type of event which happened randomly. They cannot be everywhere, they have a shelled for where and when they need to be. Secondly, it shows that if the journalist cannot have footage of that type of event, citizens can have it thanks to the fact that they are everywhere. We are witnesses of the world and we can react directly and film it, talk of it. Citizens are always on the street. This brings to a third point, the content. On Tv program or conventional journalist, it’s some interview of people that had seen the event and talk about it. However, it’s about a past event. Citizen journalist can in opposition to that have the direct reaction. We record a video have the reaction of the people. the fear, hope, joke, joy. Everything is shown in a faithful view. It’s authentic.

What do the citizen journalism it’s to shock the common way to do journalism and confront it to the new technologies. It seems to be something that going to make disappear the classical way to do journalism. In fact, we are height billion on this planet. height billion of witnesses. How can you fight that? We are a lot to have a smartphone and the internet. So we can react easily in front of an event. More of that, social network become to bring the live stream system like in facebook, Instagram or YouTube which going to permit to emphasis this idea of direct reaction and be faster than journalism in the way of showing the event. Everybody is a witness with the possibility to bring faster information.




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