5. How the role of the Amateur/Individual can challenge Screen Media?

Like notice Henry Jenkins in his TED Talk, people more and more participate in some activities in their society thanks to the new media. It’s mean that they are deeply involved in making actions, good action especially. Young people need space and the internet opens a huge place for expression, a virtual huge place where people can create content. Moreover, it permits to grow what Henry Jenkins call “participatory culture” and now these young people have a big influence on social media, social activism and shape the new media landscape. They can challenge Screen Media.

Firstly, we can think about creators which challenge the screen media. In fact, if we take for example YouTube which was created for an amateur filmmaker. This platform saw the emergence of a new creator. First Spectator and now the creator, these people learn thanks to the knowledge sharing by some professional competence on the internet like Andrew Kramer, the creator of Video Copilot which give free tutorials for special effect. The line between professional and amateur shrink more and more and the quality of the video is more and more greater. Everyone can take a great picture and after some tutorial make something that looks professional. Moreover, the style of the video on the new media become a new way to do a video and they change the way to do a video.

Secondly, we can think about all actions which are done on social media or on the new screen media like explain us Henry Jenkins about the revolution made on World of Warcraft because it was impossible to protest in China. The amateur and individual find a new place in screen media for protest and send a message. In the same idea and closer to us, an actor called Jerome Jarre decide to launch an operation to find 10 millions dollars for send supply in Somalia. His call was a success and a lot of famous person answer to that and help him to raise this money.

Thirdly we can talk about citizen journalism which is done by none professional, individual person. It a way to be involved in our society. It’s a new duty made by amateur people who never learn ethics or the way to do journalism. It’s a new way to bring information to the audience and permit to everybody to be this Peter Parker that depicts Henry Jenkins.

To conclude, amateur, and individual person challenge screen media. In fact, every day they challenge it and change the game.  It’s a new way to think the world, a world where everybody can share, like and especially the world where everybody is involved in their society. They have a great power in their hand, the power of a firearm under the index.



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