4. How Professional engage the Public through the Popular Screen Media?

We see gradually the emergence of a new way for the company to promote or sell a product, an event or for politic promotion without spending money. This technique uses the concept of “Participatory Culture” which is an engagement with the community, developed by Henry Jenckins is about to engage the public through the popular screen media.

This phenomenon is more present even if as explain Henry Jenkins in his TED Talks that is not something new. It was something underground that become more popular with the emergence of the new tool like social media as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and so on. The participatory culture and this engagement with the community are something that young people learn by themselves and now serve as the example for professional and the way to use that to their advantage. We can think firstly to YouTube which was an amateur platform and now there is more and more professional that use this platform or use this amateur user to their advantage. For instance, people are encouraged to post on youtube trailer of a movie and that permit the promotion or to share this video on other social network

The most common example of how professional engage the public is by the social media and for instance Facebook or tweeter where the public have the possibility the like or share a content on their personal account. Moreover, On Instagram, for example, you can take a picture of your camera and all your gear and post it on your personal account and your the hashtag and the identification with the name of all the brand that you use. It engages yourself like a fidel consumer with share what he has and so promotes this brand. Moreover, you have some contest on that social web site and application where they involve you to comment, like and share a post for win something.

Another way to see how work the engagement of the public works by the screen media is to look at crowdsourcing website and maybe especially Userfarm. It a website where the company can ask to independent and amateur people to realize an advertisement. We can find a huge company like Huawei or Microsoft. The principle is to give money to the winner. However for win the price of the best advertisement, they need to share the content and have the most of the vote. So its permits to the company to promote they brand by the new screen media.

Thus we saw that professional search new way to attract people and increase their image by the participatory culture by engaging the public to do things for them. It’s become more and more in our way of thinking that it’s become nearly automatic for us. It is something normal in our virtual landscape. Professional become to use what was destinated to amateur to their own profit.



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